I have a Task for you

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On June 6th we started the week off with a bang and had a very interesting debate on whether or not Mr. Antolini (from Catcher in the Rye) was a flit or not. The class almost all arrived at the consensus that he was not, as a result of textual evidence and…

Responsibility nowadays

As a young conservative living in the year 2016, there are a lot of things that us “millennials” are known for and blamed for. I don’t necessarily consider myself one of “them” but I do know what the majority of my generation is known for being advocates of things such as: free college, laxed border legislation, … More Responsibility nowadays

Philmont 2013

I apologize in advance for not having more blogs regarding the outdoors (one of my many passions), so now I will perhaps better explain some of my favorite trips to date. As a member of a Boy Scout Troop I have been given opportunities to experience trips that not everyone does. My top three trips … More Philmont 2013


This word became more prevalent and widespread in the 2008 presidential campaign season when Barack Obama threw it around as part of his agenda should he be voted in as President. Well unfortunately, six years later we’re not any better off and there is very little change in our pockets. But neither of those are … More Change

Okie Crisis or Contribution?

JPEG Transit Trash  ©2015 RT News Network  [CC-by-2.0] After reading James Gregory’s essay regarding John Steinbeck’s masterpiece, the grapes of wrath, one can easily glean all of the impact that the “Okies” have left on California.  While the new massive population impacted California in numerous ways I would like to focus on the three key areas: community, work, and music. Their work … More Okie Crisis or Contribution?

A Time for Everything

JPEG Աղոթքի խնդրանքներ  ©2015 Armenia: campus crusade for Christ  [CC-by-2.0] This will be the first brief blog in which I review some of the key lessons my parents have taught me throughout my life and what I have taken from them. Today’s lesson will be about time. One of my father’s most frequent lessons as a child … More A Time for Everything

Sprang Break

JPEG The Foundation ©2015 Zac Brown Band Online Store [CC-by-2.0] “I got my toes in the water ass in the sand, not a worry in the world…Life is good today.” The Zac Brown Band song Toes played in my head. It was fifth period on Good Friday and I was ready to feel the hot sun and … More Sprang Break

Adventure Awaits!

I’m not super active on Twitter but sometimes I see ideas or pictures worth sharing. A reoccurring tweet I have seen lately has been “I need an adventure buddy…” While it differs slightly from different people the common idea is that our generation feels the desire to get out more and away from the technology … More Adventure Awaits!